Combistats & Thermostats



Ø Thermostats are ideal for temperature control of Electric Geysers, Boilers, Ovens, Panel Boards, Air Handling Units Etc.
Ø The micro gap switch assembly in mounted on a heat resistance base, with rigid brass pillar terminals. Heavy duty contacts are provided for long trouble free life. A thermosetting cover with clear and precise graduations is provided along with a setting knob. Thermostat can be fixed in any position.
Ø These are available in standard stem lengths of 7” (175 mm) / 230 Volts and 11” (275 mm) / 230 Volts, 18” (457 mm) / 230 Volts, on the operational load of 20 amps. Also available in 110 V & 415 V
Principal of Operation
Ø With temp rise, the principal of differential expansion of brass tube and a Nickel / Iron (Invar) Rod is used to actuate a highly accurate shap action micro gap switch located in the head which makes it keep the temperature constant within the differential i.e. A single pole, single throw, normally closed circuit braks (opens) on rise of temperature.



Combistat with single pole stem control and double pole safety limiter


Combistat control and safety function Patented MFS technology or traditional bimetal for independent non self resetting safety option Direct plug-in to heating element to reduce wiring and mounting costs Tamper proof housing Factory pre-set fixed temperature, OEM adjustable or end-user adjustable temperature Multiple control knob options connection for signal lamp.


The differential expansion of the sensing element causes the opening of a snap-action switch in the thermostat head. In case of abnormal temperature rise, the patented MFS technology in the stem or traditional bimetal ensures double pole safety. The limiter is manually resettable.

Stem Length 225, 275 mm
Temperature Range 30-75 degree C ( Other ranges on request)
Tolerance on operating temperature With in 5 degree or customer defined
Temperature operating point of safety Customer Define
Rating 16A / 250V~AC only 50-60 Hz
Stem Dia 6 mm / 8 mm
Insulation level 1 KV for 1 Min
Contact configuration Opening on temperature rise