Constant Wattage Heating Cable

Application Field :

  • Ground Heating of Buildings
  • Refrigerators and warehouses
  • Chute heating
  • Gutter and roof defrosting

Product Structure :

  • Heating Wires are two tinned copper wires with section of 0175m2.
  • Isolated layer is made of silicon rubber by extrusion.
  • High strength alloy wire spiral and silicon rubber surface are the heating center.
  • Airtight cladding made by extrusion method.

Product Specifications :

  • The voltage – 36V-240V is determined by the user.
  • 25W/m, Withstand voltage AC 3500V, use longest limit 65 mtr.
  • 40W/m, Withstand voltage AC 3500V, use longest limit 50 mtr.
  • 50W/m, Withstand voltage AC 3500V, use longest limit 44 mtr.

Characteristics & Features :

Good temperatures resistance.

The whole body uses silicon rubber as the insulation heat conduction material (Including Power cord), and

Work environment temperature is 60 to + 2000C

Good Heat conducting Property

Generate heat energy by passing to directly conduct heat, high thermal efficiency, capable of heating in short time to achieve the effect.

Reliable Electrical property

When each heat tape leaves the factory, conduct strict DC resistance, soaking high pressure, insulation

Resistance and other tests to ensure quality.

4. Firm Structure, Flexibility and easy bending

Combine the whole cooling end section, no binding point. Rational structure, ease installation.

5. Strong design ability

Heating length, lead wire length, rated voltage and power are determined by users.

Output Power 25W/M 40W/M SOW / M
Voltage 220V    
Wire Insulation Material 0.75 Square    
Heating Body Cu-Ni Alloy Wire Cu-Ni Alloy Wire Ni Cr Alloy Wire
Heating Coil External Insulation Silicon Rubber    
Heating Body 5 mm x 7 mm    
Use Longest Limit 65 M    
Distance between Nodes 0.5 M    
Immergence Withstand Voltage AC 3500V