Duct Ahu Heater With BMS Compatible Control Panel


Air-conditioning, High temperature Batteries, Load Bank of Generators, Industrial Drying Ovens, Heat Treatment.


  • Slip in type
  • Flange in type
  • Round Collar type


  • Power Saver / BMS Compatible
  • Constructed as standard Units.
  • Tailored to suit customer’s specific requirement
  • Designed for operation in temperature conditions up to 950 degree F in winter
  • Suitable for Use in relative humidity up to 90%.

Standard Controls:

Standard Features:

  • SCR Power Controller – Single or Three Phase; Phase Angle Fired or Zero Voltage Switched
  • Input power circuit breaker or fused disconnect with door interlock
  • Magnetic power contractor
  • Power On-Off Button
  • Temperature controller. Separate over temperature controller