Duct Heater


  • Air Conditioning
  • High Temperature Batteries
  • Load Bank of Generators
  • Industrial Drying Ovens
  • Heat Treatment


  • Slip in type
  • Flange in type
  • Round Collar type

Construction :

INC 800 / Stainless Steel / with-without Finns. U/M shape elements are mounted on a detachable terminal plate using galvanized retainers. A mounting flange permits attachment to the duct work. Individual Elements are easily replaced or interchanged. Where the application calls for a higher prorating temperature, the case is constructed from heat resisting steels. A thermal cutout fitted for protection against overheating. Thermostat Cut off required temp. control, contractor and fan interlock device, SSR, SCR, BMS compatible are available as optional extras, Moisture / explosion resistant covers (Flame proof) and element are also available.

Features :

  • Economical Heating Source
  • Safe heating for Air or gases up to 1250 F
  • Built in or remote control panels
  • 100 assembly stock designs for quick delivery
  • custom applications up to 1000 Kw.

Standard Controls:

  • Air Differential Pressure Switch
  • Thermostat (Automatic)
  • Thermal Cutout (Reset)