Silicon Carbide Heating Element


“Daspass” make Silicon Carbide Heaters are manufactured from the high purity Sic Gains and have designed to maximize performance at higher temperature use operating in the range 500 degree – 1650 degree C and in a wide spectrum of thermal processing furnaces or kilns, as a radiant heat source.

Applications :

  • Batch anc continous furnaces to 1600 degree C
  • Low Pressure Aluminum diecasting
  • Firing alumina ceramics
  • Continous heat treatment of steels
  • Precious metal melting
  • Automotive castings
  • Melting & holding of non ferrous metals
  • Firing of refractories
  • Sintering, annealing, forging, heat treating
  • Firepassay for precious metals, in highly aggressive conditions
  • Float glass production
  • production of luminous phosphors
  • metal oxide varistor production
  • Copper brazing
  • High temperature laboratory furnaces
  • glass feders
  • Crystal growing

Features :

  • Economical, dependable, clean, quiet and safe
  • High Hot Mechanical strength – no need for complex support systems
  • Versatility of installation – Horizontal, Vertical, or Angular mounting.
  • Can be installed close to each other – no EMF problems
  • Provides Good furnace temperature uniformity
  • High Power (kW ) density capabilities
  • High material resistivity – convenient Voltage and current can be used.
  • Available in a variety of geometrical shapes and dimensions. Relatively low cost solution.
  • No fuel availability or storage problems
  • No noxious fuel exhaust to be ducted away
  • Efficiently handle a wide range of products and atmospheres
  • Elements that operate at 750°F up to 3000°F
  • One of the highest hot:cold ratios in the industry