Thermostat Stem Type

51Water Heater Thermostats

Applications :

Thermostats are ideal for temperature control of Electric Geysers, Boilers, Ovens, Panel Boards, Air Handling Units etc.

Constructioni :

The micro gap swith assembly is mounted on a heat resistant base, with rigid brass pillar terminals. Heavy duty contacts are provided for long rouble free life. A thermosetting cover with clear and precise graduations is provided along with a setting knob. Thermostats can be fixed in any position.

Availability :

These are available in standard stem lengths of 7″ (157 mm) / 230 volts, 11″ (275 mm) / 230 Volts / 18″ (457mm) / 230 Volts, on the operational load of 20 amps. Also available in 110V & 415V.

Principal of Operatioin :

With temp rise, the principal of differential expansion of brass tube and a Nickel / Iron (invar) Rod is used to actuate a highly accurate snap action micro gap switch located in the head which makes it keeep the temperature constant within the differential i.e. A single pole, single throw, normally closed circuit breaks (Opens) on rise of temperature.

Temperature Range 30-75 degree C or Customer Specified
Rated Current 20A 250V AC, Only 50-60 Hz
Stem Length 175 & 275 mm
Differential + 5 degree C
Terminals Screw type
Approval ISI by Beauru of Indian Standards