Magnetic Contactors

Magnetic Contactors are used to de-energize the circuit or interrupt the flow of current to heaters controlled by thermostat.


  • Coil voltage : 24,120 and 240VAC
  • Resistance Load : 18 to 300 AMP.
  • Number of Poles : 1,2,3 and 4.

Air Pressure Differential Switch
Differential Air Pressure Switch (DAPS) standard for all heaters, prevents heaters from operating if there is no airflow.

Protection Levels : IP – 54 : IP – 54
Measuring Range
: 30 Pa – 300 Pa,
: 50 Pa – 500 Pa
: 100 Pa – 1000 Pa

Max – Med Pressure : 1000 Pa
Supply : 250V, 2 Amp
Dimensions : 81mm dia x 53 mm Height

Power Fusing
Power Fuses installed either on supply line (LF) or individual Bank (Stage (SF) of Heaters.


  • Maxi voltage : 600V AC
  • Current : 1 to 600 Amp
  • Type : HRC From

Control Transformers
The transformers supplies power to the control circuit. If you prefer that the control power be supplied by others, you must specify this with your order


  • Primary Voltage : 120, 240, 480V AC
  • Secondary Voltage : 24 or 120V AC
  • Insulation: Class B

Automatic Reset Thermostat
Standard for all Units.
The Capillary / Stem type de- energize power from elements, if overheating occurs and re-energize the element after temperature has lowered.


  • Maxi voltage / Amp : 240V/20 Amp
  • Working Temp : 25ºto 75ºC

Pilot Lights (Indicators)
Pilot lights are installed on front / side door of control panel. Which indicates as follow : Main Power Line Electric Elements Air Flow on Elements Bank / Stages Over Heating.


  • Voltage : 24V/ 110V / 230V
  • Colors : Red, Green, Blue of as per application

Insulated Pannels
To Prevent Possible Condensation from forming in heater / control panel when heaters installed in open weather.

Manual Reset Thermal Cutout
Standard for All Units.
The Capillary / Stem type de- energize power from element permanently if overheating occurs the device must be manually reset to re-energize the element again.


  • Max. Voltage Amp : 240V / 20 Amp
  • Cut off Temp. : 75ºC

SCR Control
The SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) Control is used to provide continuous modulation from zero to maximum and provides output from the heater direct proportions to the temperature demand.


  • Rated Current: 40-80Amp. Max.
  • Protection fuse : 40-80Amp.
  • Min. Block Voltage : 600-800V AC
  • Cooling fan: 80×80 / 12V DC
  • Main Power Supply: 180 ~ 440V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Aux. Power Supply: 220/380V AC ± 20% 50-60 Hz

Emergency Switch
Emergency Switch Cut the power supply to the heaters immediately and open the door in order to safety perform Installation and maintenance tasks.


  • Number of Poles : 2 Pole
  • Maxi. Voltage : 600V / 30Amp

Proportional Control (Modulating)
The Control panel of a proportional electric heater includes the following components Transformer and control fuse

Automatic reset thermal cutout
Manual reset thermal cutout
Disconnect Switch
Emergency Switch
Factory Internal Wiring with Best quality Copper Conductor.

MCB or miniature circuit breaker is an electromagnetic device that embodies complete enclosure in a molded insulating material. The main function of an MCB is to switch the circuit, i.e., to open the circuit (which has been connected to it) automatically when the current passing through it (MCB) exceeds the value for which it is set. It can be manually switched ON and OFF as similar to normal switch if necessary

Tubular Heating Elements
Air heaters are manufactured out of high temperature resistance chrome nickel steel tube to withstand a surface temperature upto 600 C. Each element to provided with two adjustable fixing brackets. Fins are provided to enlarge the heat surface. Supply Voltage 230V/AC/1PH/50Hz

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