Air Heater U Type


DASPASS AIR HEATER “U” TYPE FOR :- APPLICATIONS:- Baking Chambers, Ovens, Heater Chambers Conveyors, Furnaces Etc.

CONSTRUCTION: – Air Heaters are manufactured out of high temperature resistance chrome nickle steel tube to withstand a surface temperature upto 600 degree C. Each element is provided with with two adjustable fixing brackets.

SUPPLY :- 240V / 1 PH / AC / 50 Hz

NOTE:- Special air heating elements and units for higher working temperature upt 650 degree C also available which are used in Glass Decorative / Annealine Lehr.

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Air Heater U Type

(Sr.No.-322)(Cat.No.-AHU05)(Watts-500)(Volts-230)(Total Length-254)(Width-55), (Sr.No.-323)(Cat.No.-AHU07)(Watts-750)(Volts-230)(Total Length-450)(Width-55), (Sr.No.-324)(Cat.No.-AHU010)(Watts-1000)(Volts-230)(Total Length-610)(Width-55), (Sr.No.-325)(Cat.No.-AHU10+)(Watts-1000)(Volts-230)(Total Length-762)(Width-55), (Sr.No.-326)(Cat.No.-AHU15)(Watts-1000)(Volts-230)(Total Length-762)(Width-55), (Sr.No.-327)(Cat.No.-AHU15+)(Watts-1500)(Volts-230)(Total Length-990)(Width-55), (Sr.No.-328)(Cat.No.-AHU20)(Watts-2000)(Volts-230)(Total Length-990)(Width-55)


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